I have loved fashion, image and style my entire life, and I truly believe that any individual person, regardless of their size, shape or age, can have a personal style that makes them feel confident and look fabulous!

As a youngboy I helped my grandmother by cutting patterns and shapes, as she sawn for me or for my mother something new or modern. The "Burda" magazine was always in our home. (Fashion, was very different at this time but still very interesting)

Before I became a styling consultant, I 've had an office job in the hotel industry for a long time.

One day I began to work in the production of a photo session where I was not really satisfied how the model has been tightened.

I disagreed and allowed for the first time a selection of specific accessories to decide, what was a great success, because the pictures were fantastic!

Since then is Fashion, Personal Shopping and Styling part of my life!

As part of my skills I took a course at the Academy of Fashion and Design as an Outfit and Style Consultant / Beauty Coaching.

As an Image Consultant, I am committed and dedicated to giving you the attention and customer service you need to achieve your unique individual style and image goals

My philosophy is simple " “Clothes talk even when they are silent" and " Fashion comes and goes , but style is eternal